Author Topic: X1D firmware wish list  (Read 1467 times)

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X1D firmware wish list
« on: August 17, 2017, 12:02:44 AM »
There are a few things regarding focussing that I should like added.

1) An indication when a lens is focused on infinity. And a way of locking it focused on infinity.

This is quite relevant if one is taking long exposures of the night sky for example. (I took some photos a while back of the streak of the ISS as it passed over London.) Auto focussing is useless as there is nothing to focus on and the lens just hunts for a focussing point. Manual focussing is possible but one has to be very careful not to disturb the lens barrel when replacing the camera on the tripod after hand-held focussing.

2) A display in the viewfinder indicating the actual focus distance. We know it's recorded as it's in the EXIF data.

3) A display showing the actual depth of field (ie. 5m - 25m, 14m - infinity).

On the old V-series lenses this information was instantly available and changed automatically with changes in aperture.

4) On a separate point it would have been great if the X1D had been designed with a viewfinder that could be hinged upwards to allow for vertical viewing. Just like my old EL/M or indeed like my ancient Canon MV1 camcorder that also featured a hinged electronic viewfinder. I doubt now that a vertical viewfinder adapter for the X1D is possible like on my Nikon cameras.

I have really bad knees and crouching down to take waist height photos is excruciating!