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X1D Cameras / Re: Remove GPS Module to Save Battery Power
« Last post by satijntje on Today at 07:53:40 PM »
I have my GPS unit constantly attached on the X1D body.
It indeed felt of twice, but this happened when I returned the camera into the bag.
No problems at all with connecting.
All my pictures that are taken outside are properly tagged.
I do not see any difference in power consumption.
The only difference in power consumption I saw was when I am attaching an HC MF lens, the consumption is really much less.

Strange to see all these different experiences with this module :-)
X1D Cameras / Re: Remove GPS Module to Save Battery Power
« Last post by galoubet on Today at 05:45:27 PM »
I've abandoned mine too. I wouldn't mind having the GPS info recorded but the thing never consistently worked. Pretty useless gadget.
Help / Re: X1D Charger in Kuala Lumpur
« Last post by DJL on Today at 04:51:48 PM »
Thanks Nick. Sourced a new charger through Shriro.
X1D Cameras / Re: Remove GPS Module to Save Battery Power
« Last post by BillW on Today at 04:44:45 PM »
I am curious just how many folks use their GPS module. I attached mine then took it off. Besides the fact I do not care for the data, it added an extra lump on the top of my camera I did not really want.  ::)
X1D Cameras / Re: SD Card Door Crack
« Last post by BillW on Today at 04:13:51 PM »
My repaired X1D is in shipping back to me. The repaired part is NOT metal according to the representative I have been communicating with. She said that if it were to crack again which she was not likely they would repair it again under warranty. I just need to get back my X1D and begin shooting again. I need to decide on my next lens. I want the zoom but might settle for a 30. I love this camera.
Hello everyone

I'm having trouble with my new-to-me X1 which produces weird smearing artefacts below certain resolution levels, 2000dpi for 135 film and 1000dpi for 120 film. Here are a few examples:

Coolscan 9000 at left

The error only appears if I scan as TIFF, not 3F, and seems to be concentrated to high-contrast areas and areas of fur, hair and such with lots of details. The error is not local to a particular part of a frame but can appear anywhere in the frame. It is visible in both transparency and colour negative film.

Weirdly, the error is still there after the scanner has been serviced by a former Hasselblad technician in Germany.

I run the current version of Flexcolor and a fully updated El Capitan but the error appears if I scan on a completely fresh install of OS X El Capitan which only has Flexcolor installed. Also, the error appears regardless of which Firewire port I use on my Mac Pro.

Has anyone seen anything like this?

Thanks a lot in advance for any thoughts.

X1D Cameras / Re: XCD 120mm lens shipped
« Last post by tedtrimmer on Today at 06:40:06 AM »
In the hands of an eminently qualified professional photographer like Joel Colson, this lens will allow the creation of great closeup photographs.  of course that assumes that the autofocus mechanism continues to work.....  The product reviews at B&H are not great.
Buy and Sell / Re: FS: H3D39, 80 2.8 and 150 3.2 (EU)
« Last post by Djcoreyphoto on Today at 06:16:45 AM »
Is the H3D body the H3D or H3DII?
X1D Cameras / Re: XCD 120mm lens shipped
« Last post by sanglier on Today at 02:50:03 AM »
Hello, can someone tell me (example in support) what is worth this 120 mm landscape. thank you all

(excuse English google translate) :-[
The lenses / Re: Zeiss 500mm f8 APOtessar lens
« Last post by ChrisL on January 18, 2018, 08:49:39 PM »
There are two on e-bay UK/Europe at the moment both described as near mint, (one the second version with closer focussing circa +1989) given the weight of buyer protection these days that is less of a risk, I have no seller connection. Have you tried a "plain" 500mm to see how "bad" it is, given they are relatively at give away prices, probably the cost of an APO service, it may be worth the experiment if only to see if the transport and handling of that combination is going to suit? The vibration sensitivity is profound.
Some sources say that a tele-Superachromat 350 with matched 1.4x converter is sharper than the Tele-Apotessar 500 but that is not an inexpensive option. That lens had a production run of only around 500. Both the Zeiss and Hasselblad converters are very good but there is the speed drop of course.
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